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Monday, June 7, 2010

Glutathione and Parkinson's

I have recently been doing research on glutathione and have been amazed by what I am finding. Glutathione is truly one fascinating antioxidant, and I will be covering one by one the things glutathione can do. Today I wanted to share some information I found on glutathione’s role in Parkinson’s Disease.

Disclaimer: While Lifewave does manufacture a glutathione patch that can increase glutathione levels in the body by 300% within 24 hours, Lifewave nor I are making any medical claims to the patches treating, curing, diagnosing, or preventing any diseases. Therefore, I am not claiming Lifewave’s glutathione patch will cure anyone’s Parkinson’s. I am simply sharing what an important role this vital antioxidant can play in the body. Always consult a medical professional if you have questions about your health. You are left to draw your own conclusions as an intelligent, capable human being.

It was discovered in the 1980’s that sufferers of Parkinson’s have a high deficiency of glutathione in the brain. In addition, Parkinson’s patients are known to be deficient in dopamine. Interesting enough, glutathione increases the sensitivity of dopamine receptors in the brain. This is where glutathione can play a primary role in the therapy of easing the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

There is a physician pioneering this work in Florida. So far, patients are only able to receive glutathione in IV form. Oral glutathione is broken down by our stomach acid, making it ineffective. Until now, it has been hard to treat with glutathione. IV glutathione is effective, but it is given three times a week, making it necessary to get stuck with a needle three times weekly. Many people don’t want to do this. I don’t want to steer you wrong though. Insurance often pays for the IV glutathione in this case, which is a large factor. This particular physician states he can teach any physician how to administer it and often times, patients and family members can learn to do it at home. These are all nice things, but…

Now, there is another way. The glutathione patch signals to the body to make more glutathione; the body’s very own naturally made glutathione. This is what I like about the patches. They are also so much easier than IV’s and doctor visits. You simply stick them on your body and go about your day. Of course, I have not yet heard of insurance paying for the patches, so this may be cost prohibitive for some people. I would venture a guess, though, that a month’s supply of glutathione patches that could offer relief of symptoms would be worth paying for to those who are suffering. It’s a very nice and exciting option to have.

I do not yet know of the effectiveness of the patches versus the IV treatments. I do know IV glutathione is utilized and broken down in the body rather quickly, which is why an IV must be administered every other day. Glutathione therapy can also be administered for life, but getting an IV three times a week can be weary compared to wearing a simple patch. Where as IV glutathione has to continually be replaced, the patches can be worn more frequently (within the recommended useage by the company, of course), thereby keeping glutathione levels possibly elevated indefinitely with continued use of the patches.

If you’d like to order glutathione patches for yourself, go to www.lifewave.com. Use the ID# 727136 (this is the only way to order the patches, with an ID #).

If you want more information on Dr. Perlmutter, the physician administering glutathione therapy via IV, go to his website www.glutathioneexperts.com. The video Dr. Perlmutter shows on his website of the before and after of a patient being treated with IV glutathione is incredible! The evidence is hard to ignore.


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